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Climbing to the top

You know the answers, you’re no ordinary dancer (Lional Richie)

You probably know it, waking up with a song in your mind. A song, sometimes from a distant past. A song that has faded from your memory. But sometimes also a song, that has something to say for the day ahead. Or about your situation in which you find yourself at that moment.

I had such a moment this morning. Asleep, between sleeping and waking, it was suddenly there: ‘You know the answers, you’re no ordinary dancer’.

“We’re on an imaginary journey to a place beyond…

In fact, as if God wants to say: ‘you are special’, YOU ARE SPECIAL, an encouragement deep inside. An encouragement to live in your destiny. In your original way. The way of life that fits you. Climbing to the top. Thus every person is special, may be who he or she is. As you are made, as you are meant to be. With a purpose in life, a purpose worth living. These can be goals close by, but also goals a little further away. And certainly one goal: “We’re on an imaginary journey to a place beyond…

We know very deep inside what we would like to have, we know the answer to that question. Lional Richie sings, ‘You know the answers,…..’ Many people do not live their destiny, they live the life that is expected of them, the way others think you should live. Others have already mapped out the path for you, already thought it out for you. Sometimes people are weighed down by the yoke of words spoken: ‘nothing will come of you’. ‘If you go on like this….’ But when we live close to God, we discover the destination for our lives. For some that is a very special destination with a high purpose, others are happy in everyday life. Actually, that is not important, it is about your life. Are you happy with the path you are on or do you feel squeezed into a suit of armor that doesn’t really suit you? Just as David was hoisted into Saul’s battle armor in his life and death struggle. He quickly took it off again, because he was not comfortable in it: ‘David put it on, strapped on his sword, and took a few steps to feel how it fit, for he had never worn armor before. ‘I can’t move,’ he said to Saul and took it all off again. (1 Samuel 17:39 HTB)

But the only thing that really matters is living in your destiny.

Don’t go on living the way others expect you to live, but live your own life. Fill it out, together with Jesus. Live in your destiny. And know, our walk through life has different periods, ‘…..You can climb the highest mountains. Swim the deepest seas’. But the only thing that really matters is living in your destiny.

And the answer you know ‘………you’re no ordinary dancer.

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